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Eternal Night – Boxset Release!


Forever comes at a price….

From international bestselling author K.L. Bone come the tales of the Turrim Londoniarum Vampire Clan. A group of immortals whose journeys span from the shores of Scotland, to the Towers of London, to the streets of New Orleans.

Forever Chosen:

Five hundred years ago, Hayden fell into Caleb’s brutal hands, the ruthless vampire who first claimed his mortal life, then his mind. Tortured into absolute submission, Hayden spent centuries at the powerful lord’s right hand, a broken shell of the man he had once been. Until the night he was sent to kill Katherine, a young woman whose fiery spirit woke a part of him Hayden had thought long dead.

Immortal Skye:

Rónán, a selkie knight, had saved Julia’s life when she was a child. Instead of being rewarded, he was enslaved by her father. Forced to serve the Skye family against his will, Rónán’s only comfort comes in watching over the lord’s daughter, whose innocence and sweet nature steals his heart. Can Rónán save Julia from her father’s evil intentions, or will their love be forever lost beneath the silvery waves?

Wicked Desires:

Summoned to New Orleans on Samhain night for an annual gala, Kiera struggles to come to terms with her impending ascension as the rightful heir to the Bargarran Coven. However, before she can make her final choice, a curse whisks Kiera through the veils of time.

Boxset also includes bonus story: Blood Daughter!

Now Available in Kindle Unlimited & Paperback:

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Forever Chosen:

Immortal Skye:

Wicked Desires:


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