Twisted Fairytales

Shattered Moonlight:

A Twisted Fairytale

The USA Today bestselling novel:

Shattered Moonlight
By: K.L. Bone & Erin McFadden

Every night, the wolf wailed his sorrow to the lonely moon.
Every sunrise, her heart echoed his mournful call.


Celine treads a worn path through the cursed wood to pray beneath the Hawthorn tree for her sister’s safe return. The trail is dangerous—her nightly pilgrimage is stalked by monsters who dwell in the murky shadows.

One moonlit evening, the beasts come for her, yet instead of meeting death, Celine is saved by a fearsome wolf. As Celine and her wolf develop an unlikely companionship, she begins to suspect the complex creature is more than he appears, and perhaps his fate is inexplicably tied to the kingdom’s curse.

When a handsome huntsman arrives intent on slaying her protector, Celine must face her fears to save her big bad wolf.

Ebook & Paperback

Book II: Fractured Moonlight – coming Fall 2023

Details coming soon!

Children Of Lir

On the shores of ancient Ireland, a noble knight wins the heart of a faerie princess.

But will his love be enough to save her from a wicked curse? 

When Lord Deiric saves the life of a drowning swan, little does he know the creature is more than it first appears. Cursed to take the form of swans, the children of Lir are bound to the frigid waters of an Irish strait. Only under the light of a full moon can they temporarily regain human forms.

One stormy night, Fiana and her brothers appear at Deiric’s keep and the golden-haired beauty quickly captures his heart. As romance blossoms under silver moonlight, Deiric vows to save his newfound love from the sorcery that holds her within its merciless grasp. 

To free her, Deiric chooses to face a series of trials. The path is treacherous, spanning both the mortal and faerie realms, and is fraught with dangers Deiric never imagined. 

Can Deiric complete his quest in time to free Fiana from her enchantment?