Academic Publications

Tragic Monsters and Heroic Villains: Anne Rice’s Contribution to the Rise of the Heroic Vampire

Paper published in the E-book, Concerning Evil.  Which can be found at the following link:

Leave the Lights On: Literary and Other Monsters – Editor

–From the global conference on Monsters and the Monstrous by Inter-Disciplinary Press

Dark Side of a Hero: The Villain in the Role of the Protagonist

–From the 15th Global Conference on Perspectives of Evil and Human Wickedness.

Book Chapter: Location and the Vampire: The Impact of Fictional Stories upon Associated Locations

In Dracula: An International Perspective by Palgrave Macmillan.

Link here:

Book Chapter: Murders Most Foul: Changeling Myths
In: Women and the Abuse of Power: Interdisciplinary Perspectives 

Available here:

Cited/Interviewed in:

The Haunting True Story of Bridget Cleary’s “Changeling” Murder

Published in Atlas Obscura by Sarah Durn

Online article here:

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