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I am excited to announce the release of my debut novel, The Indoctrination, which became available on Amazon this week! It is a science-fiction novel which follows the story of a self-proclaimed villain.  The protagonist, Lady Dehartra-Kasar, is the Empress of a powerful, parasitic, and alien empire that has plagued countless planets, infesting various species which they come across.  This is the story of the Empress’ rise to power from an innocent girl to one of the most feared creatures within the Setian Empire.

Abducted as a child by the Setain Empire and raised in their dark and sometimes terrifying ways to become a full-fledged member of their militaristic society.  She will commit horrendous crimes, send thousands to their death, risk the lives of those she loves most; all in service to the Empire in which she has been raised.

Yet, even a villain can love, hurt, feel, and believe with all her soul that her actions are right.   Within the Empire this young girl will gain a father, a friend, a lover, and a soul mate.  It is within these relationships that lie the heart of this tale, enduring both triumph and tragedy, joy and sorrow, and a love most forbidden.

Growing up reading the works of authors such as Milton, Shakespeare, and Anne Rice, I have had a long love affair with the darker side of stories.  This novel delves into a dark realm, exploring what defines both a hero & villain and how, at times, the line between them can be blurred.  I am interested in exploring what, exactly, makes a hero a hero or a villain, a villain.  This particular story began long ago as a short story.  In that short-story, there appeared a villain, who quickly became more fascinating than the heroes who opposed them.   It was with this interest in mind that I began to write this debut novel.

Here’s a link to the novel, now available on Amazon:

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  1. Don’t miss this amazing book by an fantastic up and coming author.

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