First Author Event

On Friday, I embarked on what would become a nearly 20 hour trip from Ireland to the West Coast of the United States for my very first author event.  Originally from Washington, I was very excited at the opportunity to hold my first event in what I consider to be my hometown, in spite of my constant change of address over the past few years.

The signing was held on Sunday.  There was a decent turnout, and the number of cars in the parking lot as I drove up to the event instantly quelled my fears of arriving all the way from Dublin to an empty room.  The signing itself was held at a local vineyard and those gathered were offered the opportunity to sample some local wines.  A special thank you is due to Andee & Cheryl for helping to both advertise and organize the event.

For those who attended, specially designed postcards were handed out and many were signed upon request.  The reading portion of the event lasted about 20 minutes.  Three pieces were read: 1. the prologue of The Indoctrination; 2. a chapter from the middle of the same novel; 3. the first chapter of a novel titled Black Rose, a yet-to-be published fantasy.

Despite a bit of nerves, the reading went well and the event as a whole was excellent.  I feel truly blessed to have had so many people come out for the event and that they permitted me take up a portion of their time to introduce them to the various worlds and characters that I have created over the years.  I also received some great questions from the audience and would like to take this moment to say “thank you” to everyone who attended!

I am now looking forward with great enthusiasm to my second event, which will be held on Oct. 30th at another local WA vineyard.  If you live in the area, please feel free to check out the details posted on my events page.   Til then, I am off to a conference in New Orleans!

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  1. It was an honor to hear and watch you read your “works of art”! TO THE FIRST OF MANY MORE TO COME!! For any of you who have the chance to show up at The Rusty Grape in Battleground on the 30th of October, see you there!

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