Rose City Comic Con – 2017

Earlier this year I attended what has quickly become a tradition, exploring the fun world of Rose City Comic Con. The event, held once a year in Portland, was an exciting event of spending time with good friends and meeting the stars.


The show began with a Q&A session with James and Oliver Phelps, most famous for portraying the Weasley brothers from Harry Potter. Together they charmed the audience with their memories from the set and their favorite scenes to shoot from the magical wizarding world.




We also, much to the delight of many members of the group, got to visit with several members from the cast of Star Trek. Those we met included, Brent Spiner, (Data) and John De Lancie (Q) from Star Trek: The Next Generation.



And the original captain of the Enterprise himself, William Shanter, who apparently, in addition to leading perilous journeys where no one has gone before, also proceeded to describe in great/excessive detail how he recently managed to breed his female doberman.



I also had a fun chance to meet Rose McIver, the main actress from iZombie who was exceptionally nice with her wonderful New Zeland accent.




And my friend got to meet his spirit animal, Squidward from SpongeBob SquarePants.



Also got to meet Weird Al, who was both fun in his stories and gracious in person. And in case anyone is wondering, yes he brought his accordion.


I enjoyed visiting with my long-time friend and amazing fantasy author, EA Channon. Author of the Flesh of the Blood series, Channon and I met a few years back in New Orleans at the Vampire Lestat Ball where we have both been featured authors over the years. It was fun getting to chat and visit with him throughout the con. And I attend a panel where he presented on writing techniques for aspiring authors.



And of course, my favorite portion of any Comic Con…watching the cosplay!



Overall we had a wonderful at the convention!

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