Dragon-Shifter Princess Illustration

I was delighted to learn this morning that I won an art contest for a drawing of an original book character! The artist drew their interpretation of Princess Amelia from my Flames of Kalleen dragon shifter series.

I wanted to share the drawing with all of you!

Drawing by: CaptainMorrigan

Artist Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/CaptainMorri

Artist webpage: deviantart.com/captainmorri

Curious about the book?

Embracing the Dragon is book 1 in the bestselling Flames of Kalleen fantasy romance/paranormal romance dragon-shifter series.

More info here:

Can a human heart withstand the flames of a dragon’s soul? 

For centuries, the dragons of Kalleen have ruled the skies. Blessed by the goddess of fire, those born of her power are destined to exist within two worlds, while fully belonging to neither.

As the younger daughter of the dragon queen, Amelia has always been torn between her humanity and winged form. In meeting Stephen, she found a blossoming love that gave her hope of finding balance.

A dream destroyed when her sister, and future queen, sets her sights upon the same man.

Forced from her lover’s side, Amelia embraces a self-imposed exile, taking refuge in the northern mountains. In this new life of solitude, she banishes painful memories by retreating to her dragon form, sheltering the wounded girl within.

Yet it is an isolation that cannot last, as the new dragon queen’s cruelty bears down upon the kingdom, allowing an ancient enemy to rise. Drawn from her banishment by the pleas of friends, Amelia must choose. Will she embrace the destructive beast within? Or draw upon the frail humanity that lingers dimly in her soul, in a desperate attempt to help her people, and mend a broken heart?

Now Available: 

Ebook: https://books2read.com/u/3LpMaM

Audible – https://adbl.co/2x7whvO 

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