Character Art: Leo

I am excited to share this illustration of

Lord Leonardo Isaacs

A new character from

Faded: Starbound book II

Art by: Serene Yoshiko

A doctoral student at Oxford and son of the Viscount of Reading, Leonard Isaacs is a mysterious second suitor for Rosalind’s hand. Handsome and charming, his intelligence and wit tempts her normally steadfast heart. 

But Leo holds secrets, and is more than he seems.

Here’s the synopsis for:

Faded: Starbound book II

Stars dim, darkness rises, starlight shines anew.


Heartbroken after the events of Fallen, Rosalind returns to Oxford, unaware of the dangers which stalk her. Cloaked in shadows, secrets hidden in her unrelenting dreams hint at a perilous destiny to come.

Haunted by the same nightmares—and determined to reclaim Rosalind’s heart—Zeke embarks on his own journey to England. But the journey is rampant with danger as those who serve the fallen are determined to keep them apart at any cost. And Zeke is not the only one vying for Rosalind’s hand.

Meanwhile, Ursula continues to unfold her sinister plot, one which may see darkness conquer all.


Releases: April 28, 2022

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