Dragon Illustrations

Excited to share two new dragon illustrations

From the Flames of Kalleen

dragon-shifter fantasy-romance series!

Illustrated by the incredible Raven Quinn, these dragons will be featured in the paperback copies of Forsaking the Dragon, the third novel in the Flames of Kalleen series! 

First is a green Kalleen Dragon, the form which Sir Gwain takes upon transformation. The pentangle upon his chest represents the virtues to which Gwain aspires, and was drawn from the Arthurian myth of Sir Gwain and the Green Knight. 

In my fantasy novel, Gwain is Captain of the Guard and a loyal, trusted friend of dragon queen Amelia. 

The second is a drawing of a Venenum Dragon. These dragons, first seen in Releasing the Dragon, have a decayed appearance, with their bodies covered with gaping wounds and exposed bones in their rotting flesh. Also, note the rattle-snake like tail. 

More details concerning these dragons will be revealed in book 3, which releases May 24, 2022! 

More information on the novel can be found here:

Cover by: Skyla Dawn Cameron

7,000 years ago a lie was born to hide a destructive truth—

a Kalleen Princess defended her Amethystine love to her dying breath.


For millennia, Amethystine dragons have been banished from the Kalleen Kingdom, their very existence erased from the annals of history. But some claim, in the icy wastelands to which they were exiled, the Amethystines survived and waited for an opportunity to reclaim their land and birthright.

To protect her kingdom from the wicked and powerful temples that challenge her rule, Dragon Queen Amelia ventures into the ice-swept mountains in search of legends. The path proves treacherous, and the dragons she seeks may be the greatest threat she has yet faced.

Accompanying Amelia on this journey, Conner will stop at nothing to protect her, hoping his devotion and loyalty will be enough to overcome the secrets and family legacy he has kept hidden from the woman he loves.

As Amelia delves deeper into Amethystine lands, she must contend with the ancestral hatred from those her kingdom wronged centuries before, while finding a way to convince the Amethystines that if they fail to stand together both kingdoms will fall. To forge such an alliance, the Amethystine council demands a shocking price, one Amelia may not be willing to pay.

Pre-Order Nowhttps://books2read.com/u/3R6Qdv

Release Date: May 24, 2022

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