Character Art: Captain Fafner

Excited to share this new character illustration from 

The Flames of Kalleen

dragon-shifter epic fantasy-romance series.

Captain Fafner is an amethystine dragon-shifter.

A loyal and true knight, Fafner discovers a harrowing secret,

but before he can speak, is framed for treason against the crown.

Art by: Barn-Swallow Art

7,000 years ago, an Amethystine dragon fell in love with a Kalleen princess, and nearly uncovered an unholy truth. As a consequence, to protect the status quo, the Amethystine were banished from the kingdom, their very existence wiped from the epics of history. 


Plagued by inescapable nightmares, Amelia wonders if the unknown dragon in her dreams, whose boundless fury destroys all she loves, is a glimpse of an ancient past…or uncertain future? 

Despite her fears, the newly crowned Dragon Queen must find the courage to face the kingdom’s darkest secrets. Evil truths that those who prefer the old ways, especially the temple’s powerful leaders, will go to any length to keep in eternal shadow. 

Begin the journey here:


Paperback Special Edition Color:

Audible – 

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