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Character Art: Fallen – Starbound

I am excited to share new character art from

Fallen: Starbound

My co-authored series with Greg Wilkey!

Art by: Serene Yoshiko

Zeke and Rosalind are the heroic pair from our fantasy romance series, Starbound!

For more information about the novel, keep reading!

Sometimes, even stars must share their light to stop the darknessā€¦


The dream was always the same. Stars falling from the sky, their dying screams echoing across a bleak canvas. Rosalind never imagined the horrors which plagued her sleepless nights were not dreams, but warnings of an uncertain future. Nor that her visions were shared by another.  

Across an ocean, Zeke gazes at the sky each evening, helplessly watching as his beloved stars vanish from sight. Most believe these disappearances to be natural, but as the light of the night sky rapidly fades, Zeke knows in his heart, something far worse is at play. 

When this unlikely pair meet, romance sparks under moonlit nights. Little do they know their union will awaken a long-dormant power which seeks to consume all within its grasp.

Together, they must discover a way to save the stars, before only darkness remains. 

Now Available:


Or in audiobook format:

Audible: https://adbl.co/2NKsHn3

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